Aviation Legal Glossary

Glossary of Aviation Legal Glossary Terms

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- V -

Velocity: Rate of change of location, either scalar or vector, often with subscripts such as ENU or XYZ to denote the coordinate frame; time derivative of position; time integral of acceleration.

Venue: The place of trial.

Verdict: The decision of the case reached by the jury.

Vertical cue: A cue to control altitude.

Vertical guidance: Calculations for the vertical axis, rather than the longitudinal axis. The control law vertical axis input data are: Desired Altitude, Altitude Integral, Altitude Integral Gain, Altitude Integral Limit, Altitude Error Scale Factor, Magnitude limit for delta altitudes. The major output from Vertical Guidance is the altitude error for the selected vertical guidance mode..

Vertical velocity: Aircraft velocity in earth vertical direction.

Vertical: Reference to earth radial, for example, vertical velocity is velocity along earth radial.

Vicarious Liability: The liability of one person for the torts of another.