Our Cases

Helicopter Accidents Due to Product Liability

  • Faulty Transmission Modification—World’s Largest Civilian
  • Helicopter Disaster
  • Main Drive Shaft Failure
  • Engine Failure
  • Tail Rotor Yoke Failure
  • Main Drive Shaft Failure
  • Control Lock
  • Transmission Failure
  • Drive Belt Failure
  • Inadequate Cockpit Gauges and Warning Devices
  • Inadequately worded Aircraft Flight Manual
  • Faulty stitching on Helmets
  • Main Rotor Hub Separation (Mast Bumping)
  • Engine Oil Starvation

Accidents Due to Negligence

  • Helicopter AccidentBlade Flap/Failure of the Duty to Warn
  • Failure to Ground Guide Passengers
  • Faulty Maintenance Instructions
  • Wire Strike
  • Mid-Air Collision with Airplane
  • Collision With Terrain
  • Heli-skiing—Failure to Maintain Aircraft Control at High Altitude
  • Aerial Photography—Failure to Maintain Aircraft Control
  • Spatial Disorientation

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