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Helicopter Attorney CrouseExperience and knowledge are the foundations upon which successful and competent representation are based. This includes operational experience with helicopter flight and operations, and experience with the technical aspects of helicopters and their components. It also includes experience in litigation involving multiple types of helicopters and experience discovering and understanding the many types of helicopter equipment and operational failures. It also includes experience in navigating the numerous legal obstacles that modern-day multinational corporations and their armies of legal defenders throw up to prevent injured people from achieving compensation. In short, it experience means knowing the equipment, how it works, how it fails, how it is operated, how all of this will be defended, and how to succeed—and how to win.

Crouse Law Offices has the necessary experience and knowledge to handle your helicopter case, no matter what type of helicopter, what type of accident, where it occurred, and where or who the defendants are.

Helicopter AttorneyJames T. Crouse is a qualified Army Aviator with almost a full twenty-six years of service. He was an Infantry Officer, and Transportation Corps Officer prior to becoming a helicopter pilot. He has served as both a maintenance officer/maintenance test pilot and research and development test pilot. He knows how helicopters operate, he knows their systems, he knows how they should be maintained.

Attorney Crouse also has litigation experience which is unique. He has handled the world’s largest civilian helicopter disaster, involving a Boeing 234LR (Chinook) which crashed into the North Sea. He has represented victims of numerous civilian and military crashes involving myriad causes: transmission failures, drive shaft failures, engine failures, design problems, maintenance problems, operational error, medical evacuation, control system failures, and spatial disorientation — to mention some.

Helicopter Attorney CrouseMr. Crouse’s helicopter litigation experience has taken him all over the United States and the globe to investigate and to litigate these cases—to Germany, Scotland, England, France, Mexico and Bolivia, and to eighteen states. We have opposed the largest corporate defendants: Bell Helicopter (Textron), Sikorsky (United Technologies), Eurocopter (EADS) and their insurance companies: Lloyd’s, USAIG, AAU—and we have won.

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