Aviation Legal Glossary

Glossary of Aviation Legal Glossary Terms

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Garnishment: A proceeding whereby a debtor’s money, or other property, which is under the control of another is given to a third person to whom the debtor owes a debt.

Gateway City: 1. A city that serves as a departure or arrival for international flights. 2. A city that serves as an airline's entry or departure point to or from a country.

General Aviation: That portion of civil aviation which encompasses all facets of aviation except air carriers holding a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Civil Aeronautics Board and large aircraft commercial operators.

Global Positioning System: A navigation sensor based on satellites. A Global Positioning System (GPS) provides highly accurate navigation data such as position, velocity, and time reference. GPS is often aided by other systems like the weather alerts provided by Doppler data. GPS is accurate with four or more properly oriented satellites. Accuracy is degraded with improperly placed satellites or fewer than four satellites visible. GPS-INS is the most accurate of modes listed, with day/night and all weather capability.

Gravitational Acceleration: Acceleration caused by the force of gravity.

Gravity: Force exerted by gravity. Gravity sometimes includes the effects of the earth's rotation; gravity is often treated as a constant, but for greater accuracy gravity is a function of latitude, altitude, and actually the phase of the moon.

Gross Negligence: Failure to use even the slightest amount of care in a way that shows recklessness or willful disregard for the safety of others.

Groundspeed Select: A basic guidance mode, providing longitudinal guidance to an operator selected groundspeed.

Groundspeed: The speed over the ground.

Ground Visibility: Prevailing horizontal visibility near the earth's 
surface as reported by the United States National Weather Service or an 
accredited observer.

Guidance Control Law Parameter: One of several parameters for the guidance control laws, generated by individual guidance modes.