Aviation Legal Glossary

Glossary of Aviation Legal Glossary Terms

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Impaneling: Selecting a jury from the list of potential jurors.

Impeach: Attacking the credibility of a witness.

Inertial Navigation System: An Inertial Navigation System (INS) is a self-contained navigation system. It consists of gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide attitude, heading, position, attitude, body/inertial velocity, and acceleration information. 

Initialization: A basic control to a data source from controls and displays for initializing a device. Initiated by power-on, operator, driver, or MC; during initialization, the device is usually not available; Also, a procedure to reset physical devices to a known state.

Injunction: A court order requiring a person to do, or to refrain from doing, a particular thing.

Instrument Landing System: Equipment determining glideslope, localizer (bearing), and distance (marker beacon) to a runway; ILS provides precision aiding for landing; ILS is usually part of a VOR station. A basic guidance mode, providing lateral guidance, longitudinal guidance, and vertical guidance to approach a runway for landing; in ILS back course, vertical guidance is not provided.

Instrumentation: Hardware to measure and to monitor a system.

Integrate: To combine multiple systems.

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress: Intentionally causing severe emotional distress by extreme or outrageous conduct.

Interline Agreements: Contractual or formal agreements between airlines governing such matters as ticketing, baggage transfers, and so forth.

International: A standard model for computing earth data. 

Interpolate: Function to determine intermediate values from two or more values in a table; usually linear but can be a higher order; endpoints are either extrapolated or limited.

Interrogation: A request of data. 

Interrogatories: A written set of questions sent from one party to the other during the discovery process.