Aviation Legal Glossary

Glossary of Aviation Legal Glossary Terms

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Latitude: Position on earth, north or south of the equator.

Leg: A single segment of an itinerary.

Longitude: Position on earth, east or west of the prime meridian.

Longitudinal Guidance: Calculations for the longitudinal axis of the guidance modes. The control law longitudinal axis input data are: Reference Acceleration, Reference Acceleration Gain, Desired Velocity, Velocity Error Scale Factor. The major output from Longitudinal Guidance is the speed error for the selected longitudinal guidance mode.

Loss Damage Wavier (LDW): Daily insurance that covers theft and vandalism of a rented car in addition to damage caused by accident. 

Loss of Consortium: Damages awarded to a family member (usually a spouse) for loss of companionship.

Low Frequency Automatic Direction Finding: Equipment that determines bearing to a radio station on a low frequency band, usually the standard AM band.